Thursday, 28 April 2011

Stepford Wife Tweets: my adaptation of 1970s cult film played out live on Twitter

One year ago today I completed a month-long live Tweeting of the Stepford Wives movie. I set up an account for the film's lead character Jo Eberhart, imagining what she would have Tweeted had she been able to after her fateful move to the sinister town of Stepford. I followed the 1975 Brian Forbes film beat for beat, Tweeting in real time: if a scene was in the middle of the night that's when I Tweeted.
Fans following the daily updates were able to tweet back to Jo and she replied to them. They invited her to cocktail parties and told her to get the hell out of there! The feedback was great, fans really enjoyed the well-timed daily tweet format and the dramatic build up to a climax. For me as a writer it was an immensely gratifying experiment!

Read The Stepford Wives retold via Twitter :

Hello Sisters of the Liberation! Are you there? Welcome to 1975!